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Our Philosophy

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At Ennis, Pellum & Associates, CPAs, we never forget why we are here.  Our primary goal as a trusted advisor is to be available and to provide insightful advice and solutions to enable our clients to manage their operations and make informed financial decisions. We make sure that every client is served by the expertise of our whole firm. 

Our team members share a strong commitment to the success of our clients, our people and our community. We believe success means different things to different people and we have built a client and employee focused culture to enable success in each of our relationships. 

We have a deep rooted pride in our profession as well as in the great city of Jacksonville. Through long-term relationships and a focus on your success, we strive to build a better Jacksonville in which we can all live, work and prosper. 

Our Vision

Building a better Jacksonville, one relationship at a time.

Our Purpose

We are committed to the success of our clients, our people, and our community. More

Our Values

We believe that:

  • Relationships are Everything
    • Invest in others' success
    • Communicate openly and honestly
    • Be engaged and accountable
    • Respect each individual
  • At Your Service
    • Focus first on the client
    • Give personalized service
    • Be proactive and responsive
  • Commit to Excellence
    • Strive for greatness
    • Commit to professional excellence
    • Constantly better yourself and others through growth and learning
  • Demonstrate Integrity
    • Always do what is right
    • Have pride in the firm and your community
    • Work hard, have fun and be committed to work-life balance 

What Our Clients Say

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What Our Team Members Say

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